5 Tips to Bring New Life to Your Social Profiles


If you’re reading this, you or your business most likely have profiles across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram. Here are two examples of what I mean by “social profiles”: Disney’s Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Social profiles introduce your personal or business brand to the digital citizens on social media, and include items like images, taglines, bios, logos, company descriptions, and profile photos. If you want to maximize the number of followers on your social media platforms, like Walt Disney World has done, start with these 5 tips to sharpen your social media profiles:

  1. State your personal or brand value proposition in your bio. Don’t leave people guessing at what you’re all about. You’ve got about 6 seconds to convince prospects to engage with you. Your bio should tell them exactly what your company does and what benefits you deliver. Note how Disney explains that the benefits of joining their Facebook community are to  “Learn about park updates, news, and special backstage info here.”
  2. Develop consistent visual and written branding across all platforms. Each social media platform has different requirements for text length and photo size in the profile area, but even within those differences, you can still use similar, branded language, color, and imagery. This is important to enhance the credibility and authority of your brand. Notice how Disney uses their iconic fireworks imagery on both Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  3. Use big, compelling visuals. The visual richness available on social media platforms has increased dramatically—from the Facebook cover photos, to the massive hero image on Google+, to the upcoming new twitter profile pages. Learn the visual specs of each platform, and fill those specs with brand-consistent, big, compelling, images.
  4. Don’t forget SEO. Many of the search engines use social media bios in their search algorithms. Craft your bio to leverage your most important keywords while still offering prospects a compelling reason to engage with you.
  5. Include links. Adding links to your social media profile gives you the opportunity to direct traffic to a website or landing page with more targeted messaging. It’s amazing to me how many businesses forget to add links to their blog, or other social media profiles, in this space. If you remember to do this, you’ll stand out from the pack.

Once you’ve optimized your social profiles, review them every quarter to ensure they stay in line with your current value proposition.

What about you? Have any more tips for great social profiles?